NSP Assessor ( S )

JOB SUMMARY/PURPOSE Come from plant organizations such as Engineering, Training or Work Management (Planning, Scheduling & Outage). They will be responsible to observe, perform and document site functional area performance in assigned areas (as well as support the QA lead auditor in auditing performance of functional areas such as planning and participating). These include audits, surveillances, observations, reviews and performance analysis, as well as follow up and evaluation of effectiveness of implementation of corrective actions. Proven leadership and prior supervision in the assigned area is required (Engineering, Training or Work Management etc.)  Must have demonstrated leadership, sound judgment, maturity, and analytical ability.  For this particular posting, the functional areas will primarily be Work Management and Maintenance.   JOB DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES Reviews site and department performance, and based on performance and risk insights, selects areas for surveillance and selects plant activities for observation. Assists QA Lead auditor  in developing audit plans and participating in audit teams. Analyzes performance indicators from various sources and develops management insights.  Effectively communicates (both verbally and written) with line managers. Ensures quality and accuracy of QA reports. Assists the Lead Auditor, Supervisor and Manager in roll up of issues to identify adverse trends and attains the requiredqualifications and certifications prescribed in Procedure EN-QV-117;Oversight Training Program.  Serves as functional area owner for the plant organization in promoting a quality-centered culture and in providing consultation to plant departments regarding quality assurance issues. Has familiarity with current nuclear QA oversight practices, codes, standards, regulations, and nuclear plant work processes. Is required to exercise stop work authority over non-conforming production and engineering activities that present a significant risk to plant equipment and/or personnel. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Minimum education required of the position B.S. Degree in Engineering or technical field (may be waived, based on equivalent experience). Minimum experience required of the position 6 years of nuclear power plant experience in the field of quality assessment or plant operations. Extensive knowledge of nuclear industry regulations and experience. Req ID: 84719
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
5 - 7 years

Don't Be Fooled

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